Steve Covarrubias was born and raised in Southern California. His life was dramatically changed when he became a Christian 37 years ago. Leaving a life pursuit as a singer songwriter in the rock music genre, he put down the guitar and picked up the bible. It would be a year later when the Lord would call him to the ministry of worship and use his musical experience to serve Jesus. Throughout his Christian journey, he has been a worship minister, youth group leader, teaching pastor and has organized and been involved in missions and community outreach. As a graduate of Trinity Bible College and Seminary in Indiana, he earned a B.A. degree in Biblical Theology with a concentration in Christian Philosophy and Apologetics. He has authored his first book ‘The Coming’ with a revised edition coming out in early 2018. Steve loves to study and teach God’s Word, read Puritan and Reformed literature, mentor younger men in the faith, travel, hike, and play guitar. His desire is to spur the body of Christ; encouraging fellow Christians to grow in faith and love for the Savior.

A Godward Heart is dedicated to glorifying God, exalting Jesus Christ, and living in the joy of the Holy Spirit by engaging the mind and inspiring the heart through the study of the Scriptures.

Soli deo Gloria,

A Godward Heart
Yucaipa, CA