Chapter 4- The Commission


The Commission

     I WAS ASTOUNDED by the thought that Lord Kedem, who is God from all eternity, was to become mortal. My mind had been suddenly illumined with the light of God’s truth.
     Overcome with wonder I blurted out, “My Lord, your words are deeply mystifying, but none the less this is very good news!”
     “It is indeed good news,” he said with a smile, “and you are to be the herald. Now listen carefully. The Trinity has chosen a maiden to whom you will appear and announce the miracle of my coming. You will be given all the details at a later time. For now, let us administer the official charge.”
     I knelt on bended knee and bowed my head. I opened my white wings and fanned them out to the fullest. The Lord drew near and stood over me. The fragrance of his presence was like a garden of roses. When I breathed, my lungs filled with the scent of his sweet love. I sighed. My soul was ravished.
     With outstretched wings I arched them over us like a feathery canopy. Placing his hands upon my head the bronze colored symbol on the back of my cape started glimmering. And the sapphire stitching in my vestments raced throughout like small beams of light.
     “Gabriel,” he began in a kingly voice. “As Chief Messenger in all my empire, you are appointed to deliver the tidings of peace and goodwill which will come to all mankind. You are hereby commissioned to declare the mystery of my coming to a young Jewish maiden who lives in the town of Nazareth in Galilee. You have been charged with this heavenly service by the authority of the Trinity. It is now sealed by the word of your King. Arise, O’ bearer of good news, and acknowledge your commission.”
     I slowly rose to my feet and folded my wings. Waves of delight washed over my heart. I was speechless. Then, with both his hands on my shoulders he affirmed my commission with a nod, and on his face there grew a glorious smile. His smile was so wide that I couldn’t help but return to him a large smile of my own.

     We hiked down the rocky bluff and across the green meadow. Along the way he gave me a few details about the mission and the message I was to deliver to Mary and Joseph. But he didn’t tell me how he was going to enter the world of men. Honestly, I was afraid to ask.
    As we reached the banks of the Crisalyne River he instructed me to prepare a Grand Feast at the King’s Pavilion.
    He said, “I desire a special celebration. It will be at this feast where all the host of heaven will hear of the miraculous events to come, and to witness with their own eyes my incarnation. Therefore, it is only fitting to celebrate this feast with a fresh pouring of new elixir.”
     We strolled beside the babbling river; the light dancing across the surface.
     And with a sparkle in his eye he said, “There will be a new flow of elixir at the Pools of Currant on the far side of the Mountains of Majesty. You are to assemble a team there. And at the swirling of the pools, draw out the new wine and fill the barrels to the brim! Go now…quickly! For in a short time the festivities will begin!”
     At his words the air moved with gusts of gladness. The rivers’ currents clapped with excitement, and the opal colored fish leapt from the river and spun happily in the air. The trees waved their hands and the mountains shook with a rumble of praise. I could no longer contain the extreme pleasure that swelled in my heart. There was only one thing I could do to release this bubbling elation. I gave my Lord the look of a challenger. He nodded, and we both broke out in uncontrollable laughter. Then in the twinkling of an eye, and without a word, we both dove into the Crisalyne River.
     The race was on!
    We swam at break neck speed, without a stroke, through the warm, clear waters. I pushed myself as fast as I could but he easily kept up with me. We were moving so fast under water that everything was a blur. I pushed and pushed, releasing my wings just enough to increase my speed in the hope that I could pass him. We darted around coral beds and river rocks; fish frantically wiggling out of our way. The finish line was the river’s fork, which lie ahead. One way led to the Pools of Currant, the other in the direction of the King’s Palace. As we neared the fork I pushed myself with all the power I could muster. Who would win the race? We looked at each other. I was straining, he was grinning. I stiffened my body like an arrow and exerted all the power I possessed. Setting my face straight ahead and with one last burst of speed I shot toward the fork.
     Like an underwater missile I barely shot past him at the finish line.
     I won! I won! I told myself as I launched jubilantly from the river into the sky. I spread my wings, and then parasailed slowly to dry ground. Gently landing, I pushed my wet hair back off my face, chuckled and said to myself, Ah, but he always let’s me win.
     I started my trek to the Pools of Currant when I stopped and fluttered my wings to expel the water. Then all of a sudden it hit me, Now I understood the game he played with the lamb.

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