Chapter 1- Strange News



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The Coming
An Epic Story of the Incarnation
by Stephen Covarrubias

Printed in the United States of America

Updated 2nd revision. 


Strange News

     AS CHIEF MESSENGER of all the angels in heaven it was my task to announce God’s future plans to the earth-world. It all began when I, the angel Gabriel, received a message from the High King of Heaven, Lord El Kedem. We were to meet in the beautiful, green grasslands of MeadowEdene. Little did I know he would tell me news most wonderful and yet deeply strange. It would be news about an age old mystery called the Incarnation. A mystery so unimaginable it had puzzled the minds and hearts of every creature in heaven from the beginning of time. The truth is, on that day, when Lord Kedem explained to me the incarnation it struck me as altogether impossible. What I didn’t know was the strange news which came into my ears would eventually lead me on a fantastic quest. An adventure that would lead me to places in heaven and on earth…to places where I’d never been and to people who I’d never before seen.

     But let me start from the very beginning.

     I WAS IN MY QUARTERS which stands atop the highest tower in the King’s castle. It was the flapping feet of the sky runner that first caught my attention. Now, sky runners are large, odd-looking birds who carry royal messages throughout all the kingdom of heaven. Unlike other birds, who use their wings to fly, it’s the sky runners oversized, webbed-like feet that send these feathery pilots soaring through the skies.
     I heard the sound of swift paddling feet outside my window. That’s when I saw the sky runner hovering outside. Slowly he fluttered down and perched himself on the window’s ledge. He bounced from side to side with great excitement. Tucked in his pouch was a sealed message. A royal message. It bore the signet of the King himself. I reached inside his pouch, broke the seal and read it with growing interest. My lips were moving but I made no sound. The message was brief. The King requested a private meeting between him and me in the beautiful gardens of MeadowEdene. For what purpose? I didn’t know. The invitation piqued my curiosity and soon my mind was spinning with wild imaginations. Tapping the message on my hand I began pacing up and down in my room. Soon I was lost in thought.
     A special meeting. I wondered what it could be about?
   My thoughts were then interrupted by the flapping of the sky runner’s feet. He was hovering above the window sill making ready his departure. I turned around quickly and bid him farewell.
     Hurriedly, I stepped to the window, leaning out to watch him run in mid-air. He taxied for a short time before launching out into the blue neon sky. The sound of his swift paddling, duck-like feet faded away when he disappeared through a patch of clouds.
    A cool breeze combed through my hair. I lowered my gaze and turned my eyes on MeadowEdene which lay far in the distance. I marveled at the picturesque beauty of Edene’s lush pasturelands where colorful gardens and meadows, and rolling hills are carpeted with soft, deep green grass. I watched the winding brooks as they danced round about through colorful fields of flowers. Miles away, I heard the gentle splash of hillside waterfalls streaming into the river’s rhythmic flow. All the natural wonders of heaven were vibrantly alive. My soul was caught up in all its beatific glory, and my mind was entranced as if in a dream.
     After a little bliss I came away from the window and without delay I donned a special outfit for the meeting. Garments of royal blue spun from stardust were stitched with beams of sapphire light and studded with white pearl buttons. Draped over my shoulders was a waist length, scarlet colored cape. The letter ‘M’, insignia for the class of Messenger angels, glowed with a bronze-like shimmer on the cape’s outer surface. My black wavy hair fell a little past my shoulders. And because the daylight shone brightly through the window, tiny emerald lights twinkled through my hair like sparkling stars. And of course, as is common with angels, I took to traveling barefoot.
     I left my quarters and walked down a long hallway, through the royal courts, toward the castle doors. Reverently bowing my head, the tall wooden doors rumbled open. I stepped onto a blue marbled portico and walked down the wide stairway. Once I reached the palace exit I stood outside where royal banners were snapping in the breeze. I looked up and watched. The winds ran their invisible hand across the blue double-tongued flags. The golden crest of a lion and a lamb glimmered and rolled on the flags’ wavy surface.
     I closed my eyes and took a deep breath of pure, fresh air. When I opened them my heart was glad to see the morning turning into a gloriously, beautiful day. The horizon had spread its arms, flinging a canopy of brilliant blue in the sky. Neon streaks of purple light stretched across the skyline from one end of the heavens to the other. A soothing rain from the day before left the skies covered with billowing waves of golden-lined clouds. And swirling currents of air whipped them up, like smoke from a candle when the flame burns out. Mild winds rumpled through my cape as if to nudge me on my way. So I fastened the clasp on my cape and headed toward the bridge which arched over a fast moving river.
    I quickened my pace across Asgard Bridge, a rocky overpass where a trail runs alongside the Crisalyne River. Sure, I could have flown to MeadowEdene but the hike gave me time to think about the message I received, as well as admire the surrounding beauty. Besides, you never know what you might hear in the babbling of brooks, in the whooshing of the winds, or in the rustling of trees.
     I stopped to listen. It was then I first sensed it. Nature seemed to be whispering among itself. Turning my ear towards the northern sky, I heard, high above the clouds, the Mountains of Majesty quaking in a resounding chorus. I continued on the floral path and as I neared the Crisalyne River the babble of soft clapping was splashing from the waters. Wonders like these are not at all unusual in heaven. After all, this was the King’s Land. Even on earth, in the days when it was newly born, before sin entered there, the mountains would rumble into song and the rivers would clap in cheerful praise. It was a delight to hear nature joyfully resonate in adoration for the manifold goodness of its Creator.
   But as I stood there, listening to the symphony of nature’s praises, I was feeling something different. It was all around me, and seemed to go through me. Worship was in the air. And it carried the scent of something divinely enchanting. The sudden stirring of gentle winds confirmed my hunch. I didn’t know what they were saying but one thing was certain, they were blowing holy secrets to each other.
     What did they know that I didn’t?
    All I knew was this: the meeting with my Lord was of high importance. I reasoned I might be given a royal decree from the Holy Trinity, most likely requiring my service as the herald in a forthcoming event.
     I thought, Could it be? That event which for centuries had been rumored in heaven? Could it be…that I was to bring tidings of the Incarnation?
     The incarnation was a tale wrapped in divine secrecy, hidden from the minds of angels and humans for thousands of years. It is said to have been spoken of in the oracles of Holy Scripture, concealed in cryptic messages. Many angels have painstakingly researched the ancient writings for a clue. So far, no one has succeeded. And so rumors abound.
     Naturally, I was very curious and anxious to hear the news my Lord would share with me. Something inside told me this age old mystery was about to be taken out of the shadows and brought into the light.


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