Chapter 3- Fire Stones and Dust


Fire Stones and Dust

     THE LORD CLEARED some ground for a campfire. Meanwhile, I gathered up several handfuls of fire stones from nearby caves and returned to build a small, stone hearth. After I arranged the fire stones the Lord held his hands over them. Immediately they started to glow. Amber colored smoke began swirling inside the stones, gradually fuming with intense heat. After a time, he slowly pulled his hands away. Pulsating from dark to bright, the stones finally ignited into a sunset colored flame. Then, taking the two fish from his net, he placed them on the hearth.
     There I was, alone on a bluff with the Lord of the universe. It was the desire of every creature…to be alone with him. I sat in holy awe, feeling his ravishing love pour into my soul. Just as the rays of the morning sun warm the whole earth, so his love, like heavenly beams, warmed my whole being.
     As we stared into the crackling fire I couldn’t help but wonder, What was he thinking?
    Eventually, the fire died down on its own, and the stones glowed to a simmer, keeping the meat warm until we were ready to eat. I brought out from under my cloak a crystal cruet and a silver cup. The cruet was filled with a soul-quenching drink from the Pools of Currant. A savory juice, it’s the drink of choice of all the hosts in heaven. I poured some into the silver cup and offered it to the Lord. Then, we took our portions of fish from the hearth and sunk our teeth into the skin. We talked little but ate and drank much.
     After we finished eating the Lord said, “Gabriel, the hour has come for me to reveal to you the mystery that has been hidden from the beginning of time.”
     He then reached into the hearth and pulled out a smoldering firestone. It began to glow brightly. He held the stone in front of me with his forefinger and thumb. Flying inside were blue and gold sparks.
     Then with piercing eyes he asked, “Tell me of the origins?”
     Hesitantly I asked, “You mean…of angels?”
     “Yes,” he replied. “From where does your substance come?”
    “Master and Lord,” I replied, “surely you know. Fire stones are made from the pure flame of Eternal Light. It’s from these stones you created angels. You breathed into us the fire and light of life. That is how we came into existence. And to this day we happily carry out your will as ministers of fire.”
     He tossed the glowing fire stone back into the hearth and slowly rubbed his hand on the ground. Grasping a clump of dirt, he let it seep through his fingers like sands falling in an hourglass. As the particles of dust fell to the ground, my mind went back in time, thousands of years to the beginning of earth’s creation.
     I’ll never forget that look on his face. He had beamed with artistic delight. Like a painter intoxicated with boundless creativity. Now, that same shining countenance gleamed once more in his eyes.
    In those first days of earth’s creation, he spoke into the dark canvas of infinite space. The hands of time began to turn as his words like a paintbrush filled the void of space with wonders of every kind. With each new day he dipped his words in a new color of imagination, filling the earth with fantastic creatures and beautiful scenery on the land, in the sea, and in the sky. Myriads of angels shouted in fanfare and praise. The heavens resonated with joyous ovation for the Trinity’s handiwork. Everyone felt the pleasure of God as he delighted in the glory of what he Himself made. The memory of it all was still fresh in my mind, as if it only happened yesterday. But of everything he had created, his most remarkable work was saved for last. It was marvelous beyond words. In hushed amazement we watched as he took a handful of dirt and allowed it to seep through his fingers and onto the ground. And like a master sculptor, he formed a living man.
     And now again, he performed the same action of letting a handful of dirt sift through his fingers. And again his eyes beamed with a mysterious kind of joy.
     “Gabriel?” The Lord’s voice gently broke in upon my wandering thoughts.
    “Now tell me,” he said, “which is the superior element, the dust of the earth or the fire stones of heaven?”
     His question made me feel uncomfortable. He knew as well as I the fire stones of heaven were far more superior than the dust of the earth.
     What was he hinting at?…Was he planning to condescend from the glory of his deity to a dust-like human?
     I tried to hide the tension that distorted my face, but he saw right through me.
   Hesitantly I replied, “The dust of earth is perishable. The fire stones of heaven are eternal. Therefore, the fire stones are the superior element.”
    Glaring at the fire stones which now glowed dimly in the campfire he said, “Gabriel, I am to become as one made from the dust of the earth.”
     I was startled. His words speared my heart.
    “Do you mean to tell me you will be lower than us…the angels…and become perishable?”
    A smile of wonder framed his face and with a restrained grin he replied, “In a way…yes.”
    I was stunned into silence. The air itself stopped moving, and all around it seemed as if creation leaned forward, straining to hear what he would say next.
    In a way…? What could he mean? I thought. One is either an earthly being or a heavenly being. The two are worlds apart.
     “I am to become the new Adam,” he said. “As the pearl is covered by a shell, my deity shall be clothed in the dust of the earth.”
     My mind reeled. A cold shiver ran up my spine. The idea that El Kedem was to be human made me cringe inside. My mind struggled to piece together what he was telling me: Lambs, fire stones, earth dust, a new Adam…What did it all mean? How could this be?
      His reserved grin gave way to a broad smile. Untold stories could be seen in his eyes; secrets which he was now ready to reveal.
     He said to me. “As you and the Messenger’s know, a plan was designed before the beginning of the world. A Trinitarian pact…a plan of redemption. This plan was gradually made known over the course of time, as written by the prophets. And now everything that was fore-planned will now come to pass.”
     His elation was so consuming, his eyes glossed with tears.
     “O’ how I’ve desired for this day to arrive! From all eternity, my Father, the Holy Spirit and I decided humankind would be the crown of our creation. But as you have seen, mankind has fallen into sin and damnation through Satan’s lies. Because of this, I will enter the world and rescue those whom I love from this evil power. The chains of sin and death will at last be broken. And those who believe in me will be made righteous before the Father, indwelled by the Holy Spirit and espoused to me in an everlasting union of pure and abiding love.”
      But how, I wondered, will this plan be realized?
    Knowing my thoughts he replied, “Through the incarnation. When I am clothed in human flesh I will come to the world as one like themselves. In every way I will be made in the likeness of a human being.”
     The idea, at first, wasn’t such a strange a thing for me to understand, because angels, themselves, have appeared at times in the likeness of people.
     “Gabriel, you know that angels have made many visitations to earth in human form. But when you appeared there, you always remained spiritual in nature, not human. The incarnation is something altogether different. I will not assume the likeness of a human in a purely spiritual way, but the form I will take shall be in a real human body. And it shall be a permanent feature. In every way I shall possess all the characteristics common to the nature of human beings except one; I shall be without the corruption of sin.”
     “Lord,” I interrupted, “but how is that possible? Such a thing has never been done before?”
     “My divine nature will be joined with human nature. In this manner, as one person, it will be possible for me to retain my sinless deity while also having all the attributes of humanity.”
     My thoughts ran deep:
Like a pearl covered by its shell…
He is to become the second Adam…
Made from dust…
Divinity clothed in humanity…
     The idea was astonishing. The thought that El Kedem planned to enter the world as a man in order to save many from the power of the evil one was truly incredible. The fact the Lord was willing to condescend to human form astounded me. And even though I couldn’t completely understand how a miracle like this could be possible, I knew that nothing was impossible with God. All I could think was that his longing to love them was of such infinite measure, the Trinity would have stopped at nothing to execute a plan to save sinners. And the more I thought about it, the more I saw the genius of the incarnation. Wonderful and mysterious as it was, I eventually realized it could be the only way for the Lord to enter and truly experience the world he made.
    Again, my mind had drifted. I wasn’t aware that my thoughts were quietly passing through my lips: “Divinity and humanity; two natures perfectly united in one glorious person.”


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