Chapter 9- The Time-Gate


The Time-Gate


     THE TIME-GATE is a spiritual portal where angels pass through time and space from heaven to earth and back again. Once through the gate angels can make themselves visible or invisible. However, even if we choose to be unseen, mortals may still sense our presence as we’ve yet to master that power.
     The Time-Gate poses many unforeseen risks when returning to a time and place in earth’s past. Upsetting the delicate moments of time could be disastrous if we’re not cautious to pass through the portal with precision and care. If by accident we changed something, we could dramatically alter the course of world history—forever. However, though there was great risk in passing through the Time-Gate, it gave us an added advantage that searching the scriptures didn’t. We could witness the events as they happened. By visiting the prophets we could experience, firsthand, the writing of the scriptures as they were being penned.
     “Who shall we see?” asked Rafael.
     “We’ll visit two prophets,” I replied, “Micah and Isaiah.”
     I could see that Rafael was very anxious to set out on our time trek. I, on the other hand, was more calculating, thinking through the details once we arrived on earth. My reflective mood, however, felt to my brother like I was overly hesitant to depart. If there was any fault in him it was his reckless abandon for a quest. His thirst for adventure was cause enough for him to leap before he looked, which at times had put us in some very troublesome predicaments.
    Rafael looked around covertly as if to make sure nothing or no one was going to overhear his question. “Where are we going first?” he asked like an undercover spy.
     “We’ll enter a highway that leads to the city of Lachish,” I replied. “That is where Micah is traveling. He carries the scrolls which foretell the coming of the Messiah. If he graces us with an invitation to join him we can question him about what he has written.”
     Rafael’s excitement heightened. The thought that we might uncover a clue to the mystery of the incarnation fascinated him. So much so, the bronze Messenger insignia on the back of his cape sparkled.
     “Once we’re through the portal,” I instructed, “we’ll take the appearance of common Jewish farmers.”
    “Farmers?” Rafael frowned. “You really know how to take the fun out of a good adventure.”
       I disciplined him with a scowl.
    “This mission is not intended for your enjoyment, it’s for the purpose of solving a mystery. Please dear brother try to remember that.”
      “I’ll try but I can’t make any promises.”
     He forced himself to put on a serious face, but it wasn’t hard for me to see mischief lurking behind those big, round eyes.
      “So, how should we greet the prophet?” he asked.
     “As strangers from a foreign land. As curious men. As sojourner’s who desire to know about Israel’s coming Messiah. But don’t forget, under any circumstances, we are not to reveal our true identity. His prophecies must remain his alone without any influence from us.”
       Rafael nodded in agreement.
     We stretched out our right hands and spread our fingers preparing to cross the Time-Gate. Luminous bolts of blue and white light crackled from our finger tips. Like thieves turning the combination on a safe, we tore a fiery hole in the empty space in front of us. Grabbing the flaming edges of the Time-Gate we pulled it apart like a curtain and stepped through the portal.

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