Chapter 7- Clues




     WITH HEIGHTENED CURIOSITY I urged Rafael, “Tell me, what secrets did you learn from the wind?”
     “One clue…just one…but it must be very important…”
     Scratching his head Rafael said, “…I think?”
     “Well?” I pressed.
     “I was told the Holy Spirit is to have a significant role in the Lord’s arrival to earth.”
     “In what way?” I asked.
    “I’m not really sure,” he replied. Then playfully elbowing my side he said, “I didn’t have time to ask that question.”
     “If only the sky runner hadn’t broken in on your conversation,” I said woefully.
    “Well, it’s no use troubling ourselves about what we don’t know,” Rafael reasoned, “let’s try and piece together what we do know. So, tell me about your meeting with the Lord. What did he tell you?”
   “Brother, his words were…how can I say it?…very unusual…mysterious. At first, I couldn’t make sense of a single thing he was saying. He told me I was to announce his arrival to an engaged couple…Mary and Joseph, descendants from the house of David. But what still remains unclear is in what way the Lord will come into the world.”
     Rafael’s eyes wandered. “Hmmm…” The flutter in his wings told me how anxious he was to know everything. “And?…go on…and?…”
     We hiked across rolling hills of purple velvet grass where blooming yellow lilies were strewn in abundance. I told Rafael about the fire stones, the dust, the lamb, the pearl in a shell and the new Adam. Then I told him what the Lord had told me.
     “Rafael, this is what Lord Kedem said to me. He said, ‘Gabriel, you are not able at this time to understand all there is to know about my incarnation. It is a mystery so deep you will not easily believe. No one in all creation has ever witnessed a miracle such as this. And when it occurs, it can never be undone nor will it ever occur again. But I tell you this: From before time, it was planned that your King and your God was to become human; yes, even lower than the angels. Even now you are wondering how your Lord can become truly human, since you have only known me from all eternity to be Divine. However, I have chosen to reveal this marvel at the Gathering during the festival of the Grand Feast. It is then and there where all the host of heaven will witness my leaving the heavenly world, and watch as I enter the earthly one.’ ”
     Rafael put his hand underneath his chin contemplating every word I said.
     Then, thinking more than asking he said, “There is to be a Gathering?”
     “Yes,” I replied, “and a Grand Feast. Which is the reason I’ve been instructed to call you and the others to collect the first flow of elixir from the Pools of Currant.”
     “If it is as you say, and the Lord has called us to a feast, with the cup of celebration, then he must intend to speak to all of us about the mystery of the incarnation?”
“Not only to speak!” I said with rising enthusiasm, “but also to witness…the incarnation…first hand! Rafael, don’t you see! We are going to behold the glory of the incarnation as it happens. All the hosts of heaven will see the King as he descends to earth!”
     Rafael’s coral-colored eyes lit up like a sunrise. “You think so?”
    “Yes! When the Master revealed he was to become human, my mind was flooded with many questions. Ideas…thoughts about how he was going to enter the earth-world.”
    With overwhelming excitement I stammered, “Rafael, here’s what I think. We’ve seen many mighty acts of God. Impossible things. Unexplainable marvels…supernatural wonders…miracles which no one fully comprehends.”
     “Like the creation?” Rafael wondered.
     “Yes, like cre—.”
     I paused to think about what he said—Creation. The word dangled from my lips.
    “Rafael, you may have not realized it, but I think you have stumbled upon an important clue.”
     “What do you mean?”
     “Well, think about it. If God can bring the material world and all creation into existence by the power of his Word, I believe, it would be a little thing for him to manifest that Word in a physical body.”
     “What an ingenious and glorious idea!” Rafael exclaimed.
    Continuing my theory I said, “Because the Father is sending his Son as a real human being, El Kedem could then speak to them as one of their own. So when he talks of the truths of the Kingdom of Heaven the people may gladly hear him and therefore…perhaps…understand the importance of his coming.”
     A rich, royal blue skyline was giving way to a deep tangerine glow. Heaps of dark purple clouds were gathering in the sky like fuming mountains. The landscape was soon saturated in deep colors cast by dark luminous light.
     I opened my arms to the heavens as if to embrace creation.
    Then, in a heavenly trance I said, “His words alone brought all this into existence. The heavens declare his glory, and day after day they speak of him. And if he can make himself known through the voice of creation and through celestial bodies, how much more shall he make himself known by speaking of his glory through a human body.”
     Flush with inexpressible wonder my face was shining with a radiant aura.
     “Rafael, it’s a wonder beyond wonders! An idea so magnificent and daring it could’ve only come from the wisdom of the Trinity.”
     Treading softly with his words Rafael replied, “From what you’ve said, when the Word becomes flesh it will be the greatest spectacle of all time, even more glorious than creation itself. And no matter how this miracle is to actually come about, it will be the most amazing miracle the eyes of angels have ever seen.”
     With a revert hush I added, “As well as the eyes of mankind.”

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