Basic Beliefs


  •  The deity of Jesus Christ and Him being the only mediator between God and man.
  •  The Trinity: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.
  •  The endowment, gifting and power of the Holy Spirit to all regenerated Christians.
  •  Justification is by faith alone.
  •  Salvation is the work of atonement through the death, burial and bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ.
  •  Salvation is by grace alone. Not by any human agent, actions, efforts or deeds.
  •  The Sovereignty of God through His covenant love governs all aspects of the redeemed.
  •  There will be the resurrection of the dead at the end of time and the final judgment of all people.
  •  The Old and New Testaments are inerrant and infallible in their original signatures.
  •  The inspiration of the Old and New Testaments are canonically confirmed in 66
    total books.
  •  Jesus Christ will return, physically, at an unknown time to the earth.